Toy Design Division

For the past several years, Vertex Product Development spearheaded innovations geared towards the toy and game industry. We dedicated our efforts and resources to ideation, conceptual development and presentations of innovative toy ideas to a wide range of manufactures. This lead us to creating an in-house Toy Design Division. The main focus of this division is to come up with an abundance of exciting, new ideas appealing to various sectors in the toy and game market and present these ideas to appropriate toy manufacturers in both US and International markets.


Vertex's Toy Design Division is dedicated to cultivating and maintaining relationships with major toy manufacturers via meetings and presentations intended to reach a licencing deal and to assure  some of these toy idea reach the marketplace.  Vertex has earned a reputation of a company with innovative and “out of the box” ideas and are openly received by the staff responsible for launching new products.

We believe that our competitive edge is the fact that we have solid design and engineering capabilities as well as, outstanding graphic design and ideation skills.




When we feel that we have a valid idea in hand whether it is from an outside inventor seeking our representation or from our in house development team, we invest the necessary time and effort and consistently deliver outstanding, cutting edge presentations which are received and considered. Our experience and capabilities in graphic design and product development allows us to put the necessary emphasis on rendering professional presentation boards, producing a working prototype  and creating movie clip presentations to offer the ultimate toy idea presentations that appeal to the toy manufacturers reviewing them.  Ultimately this expertise helps with the saleability of such ideas.

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